Tan leather offcuts musette bag


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Strap Style *

Choose your colour or fabric for your shoulder strap, the webbing is a robust thick cotton which becomes stronger when it gets wet and has the ability to absorb some moisture without the webbing feeling damp. For the ultimate upcycled look go for the car seatbelt! All are 40mm wide with antique brass fixings.

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This unlined, almost A4 size shoulder bag is patched together from offcuts left over from a very high end leather upholsterers.

Need somewhere straightforward, rugged & utterly unique to you for carrying papers, e-cig paraphernalia, phones, tablets (easily fit an ipad mini), sandwiches or sunglasses?

The tan leather has a beautiful worn look and because all the remnants are of
small pieces every single bag is unique.  The front, back and flap are all constructed of patches of these really exquisite pieces of saddle tan leather.

The buckle and shoulder strap is finished with antique brass fixings.

Interior size is 29cm x 20cm x 3cm (almost A4 size).

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